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This is an interesting idea to showcase the duality of Madoka Magica as a series: At first glance it presents itself like most other ma...


It is sometimes frightening what my brain can come up with when I leave it unattended.  For instance, these ideas for "OS-tan"-type characters based on the classic Atari game systems of the '80s:

Stella (2600-tan)
- Probably wears late '70s-early '80s fashion
- Long brown hair, possibly in a ponytail a la Makoto (but less wavy)
- Rainbow eyes (all four Atari girls shoud have this trait)
- Avid cyclist ("Stella" was name of an Atari programmer's bicycle)
- "Utility belt" with many controllers?
- "Jack of all trades, master of none" tendencies
- Sometimes forgetful (reflects low memory of 2600 console)
- Easygoing and fun-loving, but is often treated like a child

Colleen (5200-tan)
- Short, straight silver hair
- Skintight black outfit with silver accents
- Large chest (reflects physical size of 5200 console)
- Highly intelligent and serious, but with a playful side
- Seems cold and aloof at first, but warms up to you once she knows you better
- Insists on using "broken" technology -- and somehow makes it work (for her)
- Loves classic arcade games, but isn't very good at playing them
- Somewhat morose personality lightens up around people she likes

Candy (XEGS-tan)
- Colleen's younger, more outgoing cousin
- Greyish jacket over a white/pastel skintight outfit similar to Colleen's
- Light-blue hair in a bob cut
- Subscribes to the philosophy "Life's too short to let it get you down"
- Despite frivolous exterior, is Colleen's near-equal for intelligence
- Tends to like everyone, even those who think she's annoying and pointless
- Probably the only person Colleen unconditionally trusts

Maria (7800-tan)
- Medium-length reddish-orange hair
- Somewhat "scruffy" outfit; black jacket over red T-shirt (w/Fuji), blue jeans
- An artist with a brush, but has a HORRIBLE ear for music
- Stella and Candy love her, but Colleen is a bit leery (7800 runs 2600 games, was to replace 5200)
- Tends to show up late for appointments (the 7800's release was delayed by two years)
- Has an extreme dislike/phobia of Nintendo
- Eager to please, but often ignored

"Stella" was, of course, the working name for the 2600 hardware; Candy and Colleen are named after the project titles for the Atari 400 and 800 computers (the hardware base for the 5200 and XEGS), respectively; and Maria takes her name from the 7800 graphics chip. 

I don't know what I intend to do with these ideas, or if I'll add a Lynx-tan or Jaguar-tan eventually.  Still, I thought I'd share the concept, see what anyone thinks. 

This was originally posted to my Google+ account, but I also thought I'd share it here.


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